• Image of Sunderland to Esbjerg - The Tall Ships Races 2018
  • Image of Sunderland to Esbjerg - The Tall Ships Races 2018
  • Image of Sunderland to Esbjerg - The Tall Ships Races 2018
  • Image of Sunderland to Esbjerg - The Tall Ships Races 2018
  • Image of Sunderland to Esbjerg - The Tall Ships Races 2018

Embarkation: 13th July at 19:00 – Sunderland (UK)
Disembarkation: 20th July – Esbjerg (Denmark)
Days Sailing: 4 // Days in Port: 3

Race 1 of The Tall Ships Races, a unique intercultural experience.

The Port of Sunderland is celebrating its 300th anniversary, and the highlight of their celebration will be the arrival of around 80 tall ships for the start of The Tall Ships Races 2018. The festival in Sunderland will be very impressive, this city of 275 thousand inhabitants is expecting 1.5 million visitors, and they will be thrilled to receive the international crews and their ships.

Please be aware that in order to experience the Sunderland Tall Ships Festival as a crew member, you need to sail on ATYLA from Whitby to Sunderland. Otherwise, it’ll be just one night before we set sail to Esbjerg.

Welcome to the first race of The Tall Ships Races 2018!

Prepare your “mental camera”, because participating in a Parade of Sail along the astonishing coastline of Sunderland surrounded by the all the other participant vessels, is something worth remembering.

Race 1 will draw a straight line to the east towards Denmark. A journey far enough from land to be considered “Oceanic”, the chances of seeing wildlife on this trip are very high.

If you are the kind of person that feels thrilled about the idea of "not seeing any land for several days”, then this is your kind of trip!

One thing is certain, the people from Esbjerg love Atyla’s paellas! We were there in 2014, and apart from admiring the ship and its pirate looks, we prepared some paella and the visitors went crazy.

The Esbjerg Tall Ships Festival is set with all the ships in a long line along the big harbour, which gives everyone a nice opportunity to walk along and contemplate all the ships. The quayside is very wide, so even if it gets full of people it never feels too crowded.

As part of Atyla’s crew, besides enjoying our famous paella (and discovering the secrets of its preparation), you’ll be able to participate in all activities for crews in the city: several sports and competitions teaming with the other crews, concerts, celebrations, fireworks… You can find all the information on the festival’s website.

And when your experience on board is over, you can easily come back either by bus or train. Or if home is far away, the airport of Billund is just 1 hour away by bus), and is connected to the whole of Europe with many direct flights.

Or if you prefer, you can stay on board and sail with us to Stavanger to enjoy a more coastal trip, including some nice stops along the coast of North Denmark and South Norway.

  • Accommodation with full board (3 meals a day) & Private Bunk.
  • Certificated participation in Atyla’s Educational Programme.
  • Insurance for your time on board (see terms and conditions).
  • Official Atyla T-shirt.
  • Official T-shirt of The Tall Ships Races 2018.
  • Participation in the Parade of Sail with all ships leaving Sunderland.
  • Participation in the Crew Parade, Crew Party and other activities for-crews-only in Esbjerg.

For questions please contact atyla@atylaship.com

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