• Image of Stavanger to Harlingen - The Tall Ships Races 2018
  • Image of Stavanger to Harlingen - The Tall Ships Races 2018
  • Image of Stavanger to Harlingen - The Tall Ships Races 2018
  • Image of Stavanger to Harlingen - The Tall Ships Races 2018
  • Image of Stavanger to Harlingen - The Tall Ships Races 2018

Embarkation: 28th July - Stavanger (Norway)
Disembarkation: 5th August – Harlingen (The Netherlands)
Days Sailing: 5 // Days in Port: 3

Sailing open ocean to a festival full of activities.

The city has its own airport, with cheap and direct flights to several European cities, so it should be easy for you to arrive in Stavanger from anywhere in the world.

In Stavanger the ship will dock at the historic heart of the city, so all facilities and festival activities are within walking distance.

There are many activities reserved for crews, but please note that if you embark ATYLA in Stavanger you will join us just before we set sail. So if you really want to experience the festival in Stavanger, you should come sailing with us from Esbjerg, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the entire city festival as a crew member.

After embarking the ship, receiving the first explanations and spending your first night on board, Atyla will set sail and your first experience will be taking part in the Parade of Sail surrounded by the other tall ships. It is an amazing experience, even more so if you think about the fact that you’ll do it surrounded by the Norwegian fjords.

From Stavanger, Atyla will sail south to meet the start line of the Race 2, where all the ships will sail south and cross the open ocean with the engines off for almost 5 days.

ATYLA returns to Harlingen after first participating in the TSR Harlingen in 2014. The first time was great, so we are looking forward to this one now that more people in The Netherlands (and across Europe) know ATYLA. We’ll be happy to meet our friends in the area again.

Harlingen is a great example of how the small cities in the Netherlands look; beautiful Dutch architecture surrounded by cute small canals. The only difference is that this time the canals are full of Tall Ships!

By doing this trip you’ll be able to participate in the Harlingen Tall Ships Festival as a crew of ATYLA, have access to all the great activities for-crews-only, make friends with the crews and visit their ships. A speciality of this city are the many shanty singing groups that celebrate the festival by gathering in the city to sing the classic songs of the sea.

If you need to leave the ship in Harlingen you can easily go by train to the airports of Amsterdam or Bremen, where a huge variety of inexpensive flights connect you to wherever you call home.

  • Accommodation with full board (3 meals a day) & Private Bunk.
  • Certificated participation in Atyla’s Educational Programme.
  • Insurance for your time on board (see terms and conditions).
  • Official Atyla T-shirt.
  • Official T-shirt of The Tall Ships Races 2018.
  • Participation in the Parade of Sail with all ships leaving Stavanger.
  • Participation in the Crew Parade, Crew Party and other activities for-crews-only in Harlingen.

For questions please contact atyla@atylaship.com

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