• Image of Rostock (Hanse Sail) to Bremerhaven
  • Image of Rostock (Hanse Sail) to Bremerhaven
  • Image of Rostock (Hanse Sail) to Bremerhaven
  • Image of Rostock (Hanse Sail) to Bremerhaven
  • Image of Rostock (Hanse Sail) to Bremerhaven

Embarkation: 11th August at 11:00 — Rostock
Disembarkation: 18th August at 11:00 — Bremerhaven

A trip to explore de Baltic and avoid seasickness.

This trip starts in the famous maritime festival Hanse Sail. So before starting the trip, you’ll have the chance to visit many other ships for free.

Also, Rostock is very well connected to several big cities with international airports, and also to the network of trains and buses in mainland Europe, so it’ll be super easy for you to reach the ship.

This trip is perfect for those who are not sure if they get seasick. Because we have many days to arrive at Bremerhaven, we’ll spend 3 full days sailing around the Baltic before going into the Kiel Canal. This means that we’ll sail on the direction of the wind, sailing a lot only by sail, and avoiding big waves and anything that can make the ship move too much. If the weather allows it we'll also anchor somewhere along the way, and go for a swim.

As always, the experience on board will give us an opportunity to reflect on personal development and several challenges that will help us develop our life skills.

In this trip, we’ll cross the Kiel Canal, which is also very interesting because is not so common to sail on a ship as big as Atyla through a narrow river. There'll be some cool pictures from this moment.

After arriving in Bremerhaven, we’ll celebrate with a group dinner and we’ll visit the place where Atyla stayed for almost 6 months when we broke our old engine in 2015.

The day after we’ll be welcoming visitors on board so you’ll be asked to help out with these activities. Don’t worry, you’ll also have some free time.

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Booking options and minimum contribution:
  • Sail as participant (trainee) - 680.0€
  • Sail as passenger - 1000.0€
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