• Image of Harlingen - Weymouth
  • Image of Harlingen - Weymouth
  • Image of Harlingen - Weymouth
  • Image of Harlingen - Weymouth
  • Image of Harlingen - Weymouth

Embarkation: 5th August - Harlingen (The Netherlands)
Disembarkation: 11th August – Weymouth (UK)
Days Sailing: 4 // Days in Port: 2

You will embark on Atyla in Harlingen, which is pretty much as north as it gets on the Dutch mainland. Harlingen is a quaint little port town, which gained its fortune through fishing and trade. Still today, several commercial boating routes leave from here, on their way to Scandinavia or further.

Joining this voyage you'll be part of the Parade of Sail, and you'll be on Atyla while she leaves the port of Harlingen surrounded by all the other vessels participating in the Tall Ships Races 2018 and with thousands of people watching the spectacular vessels pass by.

After leaving Harlingen we’ll go out to the open sea, where we’ll sail for a couple of days before approaching the south coast of England.

During the voyage, you will actively participate in all aspects of life on board a traditional sailing boat and take part in coaching and sail training.

The voyage will end in Weymouth, a sheltered bay at the mouth of the River Wey.

You will end your voyage in this popular seaside town in Dorset which is situated halfway along the Jurassic Coast in the South of England. Portland Harbour is very close by and this is where the sailing events for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games were held.

As always, if just one sailing voyage is not enough for you, you should stay with us and sail Atyla to Dublin, to reach yet another country, and the capital of Ireland!


If you are curious about how it feels to sail with us, you should watch this video.

For questions or special requests please contact atyla@atylaship.com

Financial support for youngsters:
If you are maximum 26 years old (or 30 and still a student), and with a household income of less than 1500€/month, you can apply for financial support between 16-30€ per day for this trip onboard Atyla. Send us an email for more information.

  • Book as Trainee (normal price) - 455.0€
    5 places available
  • Book as Passenger - 828.0€
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