• Image of Dublin to Bordeaux - Three Festivals Regatta 2018
  • Image of Dublin to Bordeaux - Three Festivals Regatta 2018
  • Image of Dublin to Bordeaux - Three Festivals Regatta 2018
  • Image of Dublin to Bordeaux - Three Festivals Regatta 2018
  • Image of Dublin to Bordeaux - Three Festivals Regatta 2018

Embarkation: 3rd June — Dublin (Ireland)
Disembarkation: 17th June — Bordeaux (France)
Days Sailing: 10 // Days in Port: 4

Sail on the open ocean down to the famous Wine Festival.

The city of Dublin celebrates a Tall Ships Festival every year and has hosted The Tall Ships Races two times in the past, so they know very well what this it's all about. There’ll be great moments in this festival.

But please note that in order to enjoy the festival in Dublin you’ll need to sail on ATYLA from Liverpool. Otherwise, this trip to Bordeaux only includes one night in Dublin before the ship leaves.

If you start your journey in Dublin, but you're not from around there, you can get there very easily, because the city airport is the biggest in the country, and travelling from the Airport to the city centre is easy and inexpensive.

The impressive Samuel Beckett Bridge will open to let ATYLA and the other ships out of Dublin, we all will sail down the Liffey River surrounded by thousands of spectators, and you’ll be on board ATYLA either on the deck or already up the mast.

After leaving Dublin, we’ll sail south some miles to meet the start line of the race, so we’ll have the freedom—if the weather allows—to anchor somewhere and go swimming.

The race to Bordeaux is across the Bay of Biscay, so we'll do some good open-ocean sailing. Then we will sail up the Gironde Estuary, the biggest in the whole of western Europe, surrounded by impressive nature and beautiful urban areas. We will even see some little islands in the middle of the Estuary, some of them are cultivated with vines, some of them completely virgin.

According to Lonely Planet, Bordeaux is one of the best urban destinations in the world!

And what better moment to visit it than when dozens of Tall Ships arrive at the city for the start of the famous Bordeaux Wine Festival?

This means that, apart from visiting the breathtaking city and experiencing the Tall Ships Festival from the inside, you’ll be able to be present for an important culinary and cultural event!

After enjoying all the activities during the Festival, plus the Crew Parade and the Crew party, you’ll be able to get back home easily. You can either leave by train or bus using the city's many connections to the rest of Europe or by plane from the Airport of Bordeaux, which has direct flights to destinations as far as Turkey.

Or perhaps you'd like to enjoy another Parade of Sail and continue sailing on Atyla towards Calais, on our way to connect with the Tall Ships Races.

  • Accommodation with full board (3 meals a day) & Private Bunk.
  • Certificated participation in ATYLA's Educational Programme.
  • Insurance for your time on board (see terms and conditions).
  • Official ATYLA T-shirt.
  • Official T-shirt of the Three Festivals Tall Ships Regatta 2018.
  • Participation in the Crew Parade, Crew Party and other activities for-crews-only in Bordeaux.
  • Sailing on board ATYLA during the Parade of Sail with all the ships leaving Dublin.

For questions or special requests please contact atyla@atylaship.com

Financial support for youngsters:
If you are maximum 26 years old (or 30 and still a student), and with a household income of less than 1500€/month, you can apply for a scholarship of between 16-30€ per day on board to do this trip on Atyla. Send us an email for more information.

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