• Image of Atyla Foundation Deposit

Use this page to issue a deposit for the Atyla Ship Foundation

If you're doing any kind of collaboration or volunteering with our charity, you might be asked to make a deposit of a certain amount.

This deposit will be refunded in full once your commitments with Atyla have been properly fulfilled. Just send us an email telling us you want it back.

Of course, you can also leave your deposit as a donation to our Financial Aid Fund and help people from disadvataged backgrounds enjoy an experience on Atyla.

The deposit is done through a webshop system, and when refunded, the money goes automatically into the credit card or PayPal account that you used to pay the deposit (we don't need to know your bank details).


For questions or assistance please email atyla@atylaship.com

Find reviews of previous volunteers and collaborators on our Facebook page.

Booking options and minimum contribution:
  • Standard 200€ deposit - 200.0€
  • Make a deposit of - 100.0€
  • Make a deposit of - 400.0€
  • Make a deposit of - 600.0€
Choose your option: