• Image of Coruña - Bilbao
  • Image of Coruña - Bilbao
  • Image of Coruña - Bilbao
  • Image of Coruña - Bilbao
  • Image of Coruña - Bilbao

Embarkation: 13th September at 15:00 — A Coruña
Disembarkation: 18th September at 12:00 — Bilbao

The only trip still standing from the original plans of 2020.

In short: Embark in Coruña for the last adventure of the year. Calculated with some buffer time, this trip will be either a pleasant coastal trip with a couple of stops in selected locations or a challenge against the wind sailing north and south to use the sails.

The trip starts in La Coruña, where we’ll set sail on the day you embark, just after some introductions to the life on board, safety procedures and challenges ahead. If you don’t know La Coruña and you want to embark one day before to explore the city, it might be possible, just let us know.

Before departing – as always – we’ll look at the weather forecast. In this area, at this time of the year, easterly winds are predominant, that’s why we’ve calculated this trip with some extra time.

In case of an easterly wind, we’ll sail north-east using the lateral wind in our sails, and then sail southeast doing the same. If we’re lucky and wind comes from any other direction, we’ll sail easily along the coast. In both cases, if we have extra time we’ll plan one or two stops anchoring at some nice locations where we can jump into the water and relax.

No matter how the trip is, we’ll use the experience as a challenge that will inspire us to work on our life skills, get to know ourselves better and forge friendships with the other adventurers on board.

We'll of course also enjoy the pleasures of the trip, the sunsets and the sunrises, the quiet moments, being in contact with nature, the good food on board, etc.

Finally will be sailing up the Bilbao Estuary, passing under the famous Vizcaya Bridge (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), until the quays of the Istasmuseum, our home in the centre of Bilbao.

The last night on board we’ll go for a walk around the city of Bilbao (whoever doesn’t know the city) and then we’ll celebrate the end of the experience with a dinner at a local restaurant with all the crew.

If after this trip you want to stay a few more days on board, helping with the daily tasks, you can do so. Check out this page and let us know until when you’d like to stay (the minimum stay required doesn’t apply if you do this trip with us).

  • Accommodation with full board (3 meals a day) & a private bunk bed.
  • Certificated participation in Atyla’s Personal Development Programme.
  • Insurance for your time on board (see terms and conditions).
  • Official Atyla T-shirt (new design 2020).
  • Official language on board: Easy English.
  • Exact location of the ship at the embarkation & disembarkation ports.
  • Detailed timeline of the trip.
  • If you’re coming from far away, you can fly straight to La Coruña, or to the nearby airport of Santiago de Compostela. To go back home after the trip you can fly from Bilbao Airport, or Santander airport (one hour away).
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Email atyla@atylaship.com if you have any questions or need any support.

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Booking options and minimum contribution:
  • Sail as participant - 390.0€
  • Sail as passenger - 650.0€
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