• Image of Bordeaux to London
  • Image of Bordeaux to London
  • Image of Bordeaux to London
  • Image of Bordeaux to London
  • Image of Bordeaux to London

Embarkation: 17th June — Bordeaux (France)
Flexible disembarkation: 27th, 28th or 29th June — London (UK)
Days Sailing: 8 // Days in Port: 2 to 4

A Tall Ships parade & a perfect voyage between 2 big cities.

Travel to Bordeaux to get a taste of the city celebrating the end of the Three Festivals Tall Ships Regatta, and experience the famous Bordeaux Wine Festival, before you depart on board ATYLA surrounded by the other tall ships during the Parade of Sail.

This parade of sail is going to be very spectacular, all the tall ships going down the Gironde river one after the other, loads of people looking at the ships pass, and you on board Atyla, waving and saying goodbye before setting sail on the sea.

If you are not from Bordeaux, you can get there by train or bus using the city's many connections to the rest of Europe, or by plane from the Airport of Bordeaux, which has inexpensive direct flights to destinations as far as Turkey.

After sailing out of the picturesque banks of the Gironde river we’ll sail north, along –almost– the entire length of the French Atlantic coast. We’ll pass through the regions of Pays de la Loire, Brittany, Normandy and Nord-pas-de-Calais-Picardie.

On the way, we won’t only enjoy the coast, we will also become better leaders, better citizens and better team members with the coaching workshops on board.

Depending on the wind and the weather, we will also sail further from the coast (into the open ocean), and we may even anchor somewhere to go for a swim.

After crossing the channel we’ll sail around the region of South East in England and, finally, we'll advance towards the Thames Estuary.

The last part of the voyage will be sailing up the Thames, the longest river in England, until the heart of the city of London. We’ll enter the river following the current generated by the rising tide, and that way save diesel and reduce our CO2 emissions.

We’ll be docked in the quays at Canary Wharf, the famous business district in East London. It’s a very central location with easy connections to anywhere in the city (it's close to the subway station of Canary Wharf and the Train Station of South Quay).

It's also a nice and visible location for people to visit the ship and companies to do deck events on board.

While in London you have the option to stay on board until the 29th, help on board and have time to explore the city.

We'll stay in London for a week getting some rest, visiting the city and renting the ship for deck events. If you know any person or organisation that would like to celebrate an event on board please tell them to get in touch.

  • Participation in the Parade of Sail of Bordeaux on board Atyla. Sailing down the river surrounded by Tall Ships
  • Accommodation with full board (3 meals a day) & private bunk.
  • Certificated participation in Atyla’s Coaching & Sail Training Programme.
  • Insurance for your time on board (see terms and conditions).
  • Official Atyla T-shirt.

If you are curious about how it feels to sail with us, you should look at atyla@atylaship.com

  • Book as Trainee (special price - first bookings) - 795.0€
    1 places available
  • Book as Trainee (normal price - last bookings) - 990.0€
    6 places available
  • Book as Passenger - 1590.0€
    2 places available
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