• Image of Bilbao to Vannes (Semaine du Golfe 2019)
  • Image of Bilbao to Vannes (Semaine du Golfe 2019)
  • Image of Bilbao to Vannes (Semaine du Golfe 2019)
  • Image of Bilbao to Vannes (Semaine du Golfe 2019)
  • Image of Bilbao to Vannes (Semaine du Golfe 2019)

Embarkation: 22th May at 13:00 — Bilbao
Disembarkation: 27th May at 11:00 — Vannes

First international trip & first Festival of the season.

Take Atyla from her homeport to the French sailing festival "Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan" or "Morbihan Gulf's Week". A well-curated gathering of more than 1200 ships of all sizes and more than 4000 sailors from all around France and other countries.

Upon arrival to the ship you’ll be introduced to your shipmates, and then we’ll all have lunch. After that, you’ll be explained the details about the life on board, the basics of marine safety and the introduction of the personal development programme.

On that same evening, we’ll descend the river with the high tide, waving goodbye to the people along the way. Right after we’ll set course to the north and spend 3 or 4 full days crossing the Bay of Biscay.

If the wind is good and we sail fast, we’ll choose an island near the French coast where we can anchor, and either go for a swim or visit the island.

We’ll enter the Morbihan Gulf in the morning of the 26th, so we’ll have one entire evening to explore the area and have a last dinner together before disembarkation the day after.

If you want, you can stay on Atyla for the duration of the festival, and have time to explore the ports that participate in the festival while you have your home in one of the ships in the middle of the event. As a participant/passenger on this trip, you have a discounted price.

  • All included accommodation with full board (3 meals a day) & private bunk.
  • Certificated participation in Atyla’s Personal Development Programme.
  • Insurance for your time on board (see terms and conditions).
  • Official Atyla T-shirt.
  • In case the ship is not moored exactly in Vannes: Transport to Vannes after disembarkation.
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Booking options:
  • Participant (first bookings) - 390.0€
  • Participant - 490.0€
  • Passenger - 780.0€
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